January 25, 2021

Auriga to manage Belgium’s new ATM network Batopin

Belgium’s new ATM network, shared by four major banks, is to be managed in totality by omnichannel banking vendor Auriga.

Auriga is deploying its WinWebServer solution

Created in 2020, the Belgian ATM Optimization Initiative (Batopin) involves Belfius, BNP Parobas Fortis, ING, and KBC.

It aims to provide 95% of Belgians with access to “a modern ATM service” within five kilometres of their home or business.

Auriga is providing end-to-end management of the new ATM network. This includes software development and management, maintenance, security and “other managed services.”

Batopin’s new ATM infrastructure will run on a single software platform based on Auriga’s WinWebServer (WWS).

The vendor says this takes advantage of its “unique cloud-based concept” for managing channels with “minimal effort”.

Kris De Ryck, CEO at Batopin says: “We’re responding to how our customers want easy access to cash.

“By partnering with Auriga […] we can optimise Batopin’s internal operations and minimize the total cost of ownership while ensuring our banks’ consumers remain delighted with their self-service experience.”

Auriga CEO Vincenzo Fiore calls Batopin a “hugely significant initiative”. He adds that it “sets a standard” for how European banks can answer customer demand.

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